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    Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse: Restaurant’s gauchos slice 12 kinds of Brazilian barbecue

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    From the Buffalo News:

    They have an awful lot of roast meat in Brazil. Or so it would seem if you visit Brasa, a traditional, newly opened Brazilian barbecue restaurant called a “churrascaria” in the luxe Hilton Hotel attached to the casino.

    You can start training for the 2016 Olympics now.

    A churrascaria serves meats cooked on vertical spits called rodizios, gaucho style. And in Brasa, as peppy Brazilian tapes play in the background, gaucho-clad servers move from table to table, stopping at those on which a green disc is displayed.

    Then, using magnificent knives, they slice the meat off the rodizios as the diners watch in awe. At Brasa, there are 12 different kinds of meat to choose from, including poultry, beef, pork and lamb.

    And should you need to take a rest — an entirely likely occurrence— you turn the disc on your table to red and the gauchos will stay away until you get a second wind or something.

    Brasa steakhouse serves 12 different kinds of meat

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    From Niagara This Week:

    Yes it’s true, Brasa Brazilian Steakhouse has 12 different kinds of meat, all you can eat, served right at your table!

    “We’ve taken a very authentic approach,” said Anthony Annunziata, vice president of marketing. “Our grill master is from Brazil and has been trained for this style of service,”

    Ricardo Zanona, Brasa’s grill master, has been grilling his whole life and has lived in Canada for four years and been in Niagara Falls for seven months.

    “This is my passion,” said Zanona. “The way we grill the meat is part of our culture.”

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