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    “Canada Land of Many Dreams” book

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    Here is another book I saw at Renewed Thrift & Vintage in Welland, Ontario (see here and here for the other postings). It’s called Canada Land of Many Dreams (ISBN 0862830842) by Robyn Johl. There were several nice photos and this paragraph:

    One of the most awe inspiring sights in Canada is that of hundreds of gallons of water cascading over the 150 foot drop at Niagara Falls. The first man to write of the Falls was Jean-Louis Hennepin in 1678, who called them a “prodigious cadence of water.” Since 1800 honeymooners and holidaymakers alike have flocked to see the falls in their thousands to view the great beauty and grandeur of this natural wonder.

    Escape: Niagara Falls, Canada

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    From the Norwich (Connecticut) Bulletin:

    With the economy making the U.S. dollar worth almost a third more across our northern border, now is a great time to grab your passport and escape to Canada’s Niagara Region for a chance to view the beauty and power of Niagara Falls, the collective name for the three waterfalls on the Niagara River that drain Lake Erie into Lake Ontario.

    Straddling the international border between New York State and the province of Ontario, the Niagara Falls were formed during the last ice age as water from the newly formed Great Lakes made its way to the Atlantic Ocean approximately 25,000 to 21,000 years ago. Renowned for both their beauty and as a valuable source of hydroelectric power, Horseshoe Falls, the American Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls are a true wonder to see and well worth the time spent getting there.

    Falls’ winter beauty to be showcased

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Niagara Falls will be a highlighted location on The Weather Channel’s upcoming It’s Amazing Out There winter tour.

    The two-day tour is all about discovering the “beauty and amazement” winter brings throughout North America.

    Meteorologists and officials from the Atlanta-based channel are scheduled to visit attractions such as Journey Behind the Falls, the Niagara Skywheel and the falls themselves.

    Falling for Niagara


    From Yahoo! Australia:

    With more than 2.2 million litres of water plunging over its edge each second, the sheer power of the Niagara Falls is humbling to behold. However, while I expected to be awed by such a tremendous force of nature, I was ill prepared for the full extent of its beauty. Clear and glacial green, the Niagara River falls in curtains to Whirlpool Bay. Its lace border of white, foamy spray, in juxtaposition to the massive falling river, is nature conforming to the aesthetic rules of feng shui. The delicacy of the foam is accentuated by the contrast to the thundering torrents beneath it.

    Radisson Hotel & Suites Fallsview Completes Full Hotel Renovation; Hotel’s New Look Inspired by Scenic Niagara Falls

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    From a PR Web press release seen on Yahoo! News:

    Buffalo Lodging Associates is proud to announce that renovations have been completed at the Radisson Hotel & Suites Fallsview located at 6733 Fallsview Boulevard in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

    The 232-room, 15-story Radisson Hotel & Suites Fallsview is steps from the new Scotiabank Convention Centre and is located within walking distance of the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, Fallsview Casino and Casino Niagara. The natural beauty of the Niagara region served as the inspiration for the hotel’s new design.

    Top Ten Observations and Ramblings From My Vacation


    Someone with a Blogger blog posted about a recent trip to Niagara Falls:

    1) Niagara Falls is an interesting contrast:
    I can’t help but marvel at the commercialization of Niagara Falls. I mean, as I posted yesterday about the awesome NATURAL beauty of Niagara Falls. So, take a natural wonder, a gift to mankind from G-d, and what do we do? Of course! We milk it for all it’s worth. Let’s approach it from every direction. The first approach is from in the water, on the Maid of the Mist boat ride. Then, you can view Niagara Falls from above, in one of two towers or a giant Ferris wheel. You can walk right up to it, in the cave of the winds, and you can walk behind it, in the journey behind the falls. There are also helicopter rides, for the rich and daring. And that’s only the attractions that center around the actual falls.

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