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Niagara Falls attractions that won’t leave you over a barrel

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From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Thomas Barnett opened the first museum in Niagara Falls, a concatenation of “natural and artificial curiosities” that drew in the tourists.

It also attracted the envy and competition of Saul Davis, a ne’er-do-well who entered into a competition that ended in gunfire, a death and Davis ultimately buying up the Barnett property.

We can’t promise you a gunfight when you visit Clifton Hill, but the spirit of the hard-sell and the way-out and the look-at-that is a going thing in the Capital of Kitsch.

Niagara Falls: Canadian side overflows with kitsch kitsch


From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Niagara Falls spills 750,000 gallons of water per second down a 167-foot drop in a roar that began when glaciers melted 10,000 years ago.

Tourists come by the millions, stare into the white mist, and marvel at one of the wonders of the world. Then they have wonders of their own: What to do next?

As Nick Ramunno, who oversees a hall full of wax rock stars there for the staring at, puts it: “You need something else besides the Falls. You can only look at the Falls so long.”

That’s when it’s time to climb Clifton Hill.

Ticketing the world

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From the Niagara Falls Review:

Most drivers hate getting a parking ticket, but the majority of people who receive them in Niagara Falls do pay for their fines.

Even those who live out-of-province or in the United States, which are sometimes much harder to collect.

“Most people are pretty good about it,” said Sue Wheeler, manager of parking operations for the city of Niagara Falls.

In 2008, a total of 26,280 tickets were given out which equals roughly $556,000 in revenue.

Niagara Fallsview Boulevard: Where the Party’s At This Summer in Niagara Falls

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From a PRWeb press release seen on Yahoo! News:

With a little glitz and a lot of live music and entertainment, Niagara Fallsview Boulevard is the most happening place in Niagara Falls, Ontario this summer. Just 500 yard from the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, Fallsview Boulevard features the newest Niagara Falls Ontario hotels; the Las Vegas-style Fallsview Casino Resort; and a wide variety of restaurants and bars unique to Niagara Falls.

By day, there is no shortage of thrills in the Fallsview Boulevard area with such popular Niagara Falls attractions as Skylon Tower, with a revolving restaurant at the top, among other entertainment; Niagara Falls Freefall; Konica Minolta Tower; and the IMAX Theatre, which includes the Daredevil’s Museum, home to actual barrels in which people have gone over the Falls.

Passport regulation complicates already low American travel to Canada



David Tetrault has noticed a 50 per cent drop in business at his bed and breakfast in Niagara Falls, Ont., this year and he estimates a chunk of that is the result of new passport regulations at the Canada-U.S. border.

“Our business is probably 30 per cent less just because of the passport issue alone,” says Tetrault, owner of the Niagara Inn Bed and Breakfast.

“We had people who came in May who said, ‘Oh we’re not planning to get one (passport), so we’re coming now.’ ”

It’s a trend that tourism operators say they have also experienced.

Hilton Would Like To Make A Suggestion

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This isn’t directly Niagara Falls-related, but given how active the Hilton in Niagara Falls is on Twitter, I thought it was a relevant article.

From Hotels Magazine:

In the past couple months, Hilton Hotels Corp. has quietly begun experimenting with one of the most aggressive hotel marketing strategies on Twitter.

Hilton was actually relatively late to the Twitter game, only really jumping into the fray last month. But the company’s main Twitter handle, @hiltonsuggests, is now taking a tweet tack quite different than most of its industry rivals—one that I think may ultimately become the standard operating model, or at least one version of it.

Rather than waiting for would-be guests to come to them, @hiltonsuggests is taking a remarkably proactive approach to Twitter marketing.

Meet Dave, Niagara’s tiniest tourist

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From Niagara This Week:

He’s a little less than 30 cm tall, cute as a button and cuddly as a kitten.

And he sure gets around.

Dave Phillips-Jackson, a Teddy bear from Wales, has been taken to tourist sites all throughout England. His owner, Alison Phillips, sent him through the mail to a friend in Sweden. And for the last few weeks, he’s been in Niagara, where Phillips’ Facebook friend Mary Jane Baker, has shown him what it is like in Canada: taking him furniture shopping, taking him to the bank, and letting him supervise a backyard construction project.

The picture in the paper was of the teddy bear in front of the Falls. I can’t believe this was considered news…

Canada’s Tallest Hotel Tower Changes Niagara Falls’ Skyline Forever

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From a PRNewswire press release seen on Yahoo! Finance:

The Hilton Hotel & Suites began its transformation to become the tallest hotel tower in Canada in January 2007. Now the largest resort in Niagara Falls, it boasts over 1,000 hotel rooms and suites, including two spectacular Presidential Suites on the 52nd Floor. Each elegantly appointed 2-bedroom suite features a sitting room with a fireplace, magnificent city or falls views and wireless technology.

The piece goes on to talk about the restaurants. I’d love to try them!

Council ‘derails’ $65-million entertainment complex, mayor says


From the Niagara Falls Review:

The future of a proposed $65-million entertainment complex is uncertain after city council removed from Monday’s agenda an agreement on the possible sale of the city-owned property to the developer.

“It’s obviously questionable at this point,” said business development officer Serge Felicetti whose office has been dealing with Andrzej Kepinski, an investor considering a downtown entertainment complex. “He thought we were proceeding forward. He’s going to be very disappointed.”

Mayor Ted Salci said he’s worried council’s decision not to consider the agreement might have “derailed” Kepinski’s plan to build an entertainment complex near the corner of Erie Avenue and Bridge Street. The 4.5-acre city-owned site is now Niagara Falls Transit’s office, garage and yard.

Kepinski and Associates approached the city in June with a proposal for what a city report describes as a “proposed multiplex entertainment complex,” though it doesn’t give much description of what kind of specific entertainment it would provide.

It would draw 300,000 visitors annually, an increase in visitor traffic that would benefit other parts of the city’s economy. The year-round complex would tie in with the Niagara Convention and Civic Centre, giving meeting planners one more reason to bring their conventions to Niagara Falls. Kepinski’s proposal would not contain a hotel. And as a private business, it could generate $218,000 a year in property taxes, the city report states.

Marblehead-bound cross-country cyclist reaches Niagara Falls

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From the Marblehead Reporter:

Marblehead-bound cross-country cyclist Jean-Marc Dykes has reached the historic Niagara Falls. The falls are at the 3,600-mile mark of his journey across America to raise awareness and funds for lupus.

Dykes said the Falls were quite a sight but quickly added that all of America that he has seen from his bicycle has been impressive.

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