Ontario’s Niagara Parks celebrates 80th Anniversary of Oakes Garden Theatre

From a Niagara Parks Commission press release seen at Niagara at Large (from September 18): In a ceremony held today, The Niagara Parks Commission was pleased to rededicate the awe-inspiring amphitheatre, Oakes Garden Theatre, in celebration of the venue’s 80th anniversary. Oakes Garden Theatre and its associated Rainbow Gardens are outstanding examples of design and architecture…

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HAMILTON: Political structure is why Clifton Hill rises, Niagara falls

From the Niagara Gazette: Why does the Canadian-side of Niagara Falls develop so much better than the American-side?… Suddenly, even though neither one of us had made a single step, we both had found ourselves instead of a simple mile away from the Canadian border, we were now may have well been out on the…

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