Cuomo Talks Toppling Taxes, Defends Thruway Signs, Tourism in Niagara Falls

From Time Warner Cable News:

…Cuomo says he won’t stop his call for development on Goat Island in Niagara Falls, despite a petition calling for the park to remain focused on nature and having funds instead go toward other parts of the city. Cuomo says the state is still pushing forward with a request for proposals for projects that could help boost tourism there.

“The engine, the economic engine is tourism. That is the fundamental engine that we are reving up. We’re building hotels, we need to get people to come to Niagara Falls to fill those hotel rooms. The question is what do we do, what’s the activity, what’s the attraction? And that’s what we’re putting out an RFP for, which will include Goat Island.”

Cuomo says funds are still going into the city for other projects, but activities on Goat Island is the priority.

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