The good, bad and ugly sides to visiting the Niagara Falls

From Post Magazine: Iguaçu Falls, in Argentina, may be the largest waterfall system in the world and Angel Falls, in Venezuela, the highest, but, when it comes to attracting crowds, no­where beats Niagara. Each year, 12 million tourists, many of them honey­mooners, peer through the spray as the equivalent of an Olympic size swimming pool…

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CITY DESK: Cuomo called out over Goat Island ‘lodge’

From the Niagara Gazette: The “bottom-up,” “community first” approach to development and redevelopment has been all the rage in recent years. It seems, after decades of essentially telling the people what’s best for them, public officials and entities finally figured out that there are advantages to getting what they like to call “community buy-in” before…

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