Visit to Movieland Wax Museum in September 2016

Each month I take one of my kids out on a “date”, and since I work in Niagara Falls, they often like to come down to see one of the museums or play some games. Back in September my daughter wanted to come down, so we ended up going to Movieland Wax Museum of Stars on Clifton Hill.

I’ve been to Movieland many times. Like all wax museums, some of the characters look fantastic, and others don’t look very good at all. I know some people complain about that, but I kind of like it. It adds to the fun to see some look good, and some look bad, and to talk about what is wrong with a figure, or what would make it look better. Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks layout is quite open, so you can get right beside a character. Movieland has their characters in sets, so you aren’t able to get as close to the figures.

Overall we had a nice time. Here are some pictures of Movieland from our visit.

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