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    Visit to Movieland Wax Museum in September 2016

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    Each month I take one of my kids out on a “date”, and since I work in Niagara Falls, they often like to come down to see one of the museums or play some games. Back in September my daughter wanted to come down, so we ended up going to Movieland Wax Museum of Stars on Clifton Hill. Read More…

    A few photos from the OPG Winter Festival of Lights

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    Last night the family went for a brief drive along the Niagara Parkway to check out the Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights. It is the first time I’ve seen all of the lights at night. They look excellent. There are a lot more than there used to be.

    One strange thing is related to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. There was some kind of promotion/sponsorship because of the movie, and you can get paper/plastic glasses to wear. When you put them on, the lights look like there are ninja turtles around them. Like this:


    I mentioned this to someone and wondered what this had to do with Christmas. The person said that the Disney displays didn’t really have anything to do with Christmas either. Very true.

    Dufferin Islands has some new displays. I made a simple animated gif of one display that shows a bird taking off/flying.


    Along the hill/escarpment by the Skylon Tower, some lights have been put out that flash intermittently, so it looks like the hill is twinkling.

    Here are some other photos I took:

    2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_09 2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_08 2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_07
    2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_06 2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_05 2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_04
    2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_03 2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_02 2014-2015_opg_winter_festival_of_lights_01

    Festival of Lights gears up for 32nd season

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    While the mighty mouse may be gone, the Ontario Power Generation Winter Festival of Lights has added turtle power to its upcoming season.

    The festival parted ways with Disney in 2013 after more than 20 years of partnering with them for light displays and various attractions including having Mickey and Minnie Mouse participate in the opening ceremonies.

    This season, organizers have partnered with Paramount Canada for a new display featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

    The illuminated renditions of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael will be set up at the top of Clifton Hill.

    There will also be a special screening of the latest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie at the Ripley’s Moving Theatre on Dec. 16, the day the summer movie will hit store shelves on Blu-Ray and DVD.

    “We are always seeking new and creative ways to expand the festival and this partnership brings a new element to the attraction,” said Brian Crow, co-chairman of the festival.

    The festival’s 32nd season runs from Nov. 15 to Jan. 12.

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