Biometric screening would be a ‘disaster’

From the Niagara Falls Review:

President Donald Trump’s push to have all visitors entering and exiting the United States subjected to biometric screening – such as finger-printing, retina scans or facial recognition tests – would be a “disaster,” says the general manager of the Peace Bridge Authority.

“It’s clear that there hasn’t been enough thought or process into what are the consequences of such an action,” said Ron Rienas.

“If it can be done where there is no adverse impact on traffic in any way, in terms of taking much longer and slowing things down, then that’s one thing. But all the experts and all the evidence that we’ve seen points to this being a disaster because it would require a much longer primary inspection.”

Trump’s call for stepped-up technology to monitor whether non-Americans are staying in the country longer than permitted, was part of a recent executive order he issued on immigration.

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