Cuomo’s “Buffalo Billion” no Benefit to Niagara Falls

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    From the Niagara Falls Reporter:

    With key members of his staff under indictment, a potential $3.5 billion budget deficit looming, various ill-considered initiatives like free college tuition and selling liquor in movie theaters going over like lead balloons, and being increasingly at odds with a state legislature scratching and clawing to maintain its own prerogatives in a declining and corrupt state, Gov. Andrew Cuomo brought his road show to Niagara Falls this week, cutting the ribbon at a hotel opening.

    Cuomo was in town to promote was what he calls his “Buffalo Billion Squared” which, being a $500 million reprise of a previous state aid program for Buffalo, might more aptly be called “Buffalo Billion Halved.”

    The only thing the Buffalo Billion has paid for here in Niagara Falls, through a $10 million relative pittance, is the rebuilding of the south Robert Moses Parkway, which sprawls along and cuts off access to Niagara River waterfront.

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