U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer To Canada – Be A Good Neighbor And Add More Border Agents – It’s a Win-Win

From NiagaraAtLarge.com: U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer met with the new Canadian Consul General Phyllis Yaffe and Canadian Ambassador David McNaughton this December 1st and urged them to immediately address staffing issues that are causing long wait times at all international border crossings between Buffalo and Canada including the Peace Bridge. Schumer said wait times…

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CLOSEUP: Casino Niagara turns 20

From the Niagara Falls Review: Some were fearful and skeptical. Others excited and optimistic. Wayne Thomson, mayor at the time, was caught in the middle, trying to convince the former group to join the latter. “I was a little nervous about running again for mayor,” says the current Niagara Falls city councillor. “But I came…

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Mini makeover for Casino Niagara’s 20th birthday

From Niagara This Week: Casino Niagara is in line for a little sprucing up. Richard Taylor, Vice-President of Operations for Niagara Casinos used the occasion of the gaming facility’s 20th birthday to announce that Falls Management Company would be pumping $7.1 million into new gaming technology and facility improvements “This investment will help us lead…

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