Border delays concern Niagara Falls councillor

From Niagara This Week:

Wayne Thompson got a first-hand look Sunday at delays being experienced by motorists crossing into Canada at the Rainbow Bridge.

“They were lined up for two, three blocks back on both sides,” Thomson said. “It was unbelievable.”

While it took him just 20 minutes to cross into Niagara Falls, N.Y., he faced a 90-minute wait up his return to Canada.

He said that while he holds a NEXUS card and normally would use the Whirpool Bridge to cross into Niagara Falls, N.Y., he was with his grandson, who isn’t a cardholder.

“We had to drive over the Rainbow Bridge and it was loaded,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Border delays concern Niagara Falls councillor

  1. We went into Canada this past Thursday for a short vacation..4 days… Had the worst experience in the 12 yrs we have been coming to Canada..we cross in on the Peace and leave on the Rainbow..from now on will use the Rainbow coming in and out to Niagara..
    The Border Patrol person was rude and short with us..questioned what our personalized plate on our vehicle meant..then when he asked if we owned fire arms he got excited…then we got our vehicle searched..guess he didn’t believe when I told him we had none with in the previous 15 trips to Niagara..
    Sometimes you just get a jerk… that day was our turn..

    1. I had a border person once who asked why I was travelling with my wife. I said, “Because I love her and like being with her.” Normally crossing the border is fine, but sometimes you do get stuck in a line, and sometimes you do end up with someone who is just not pleasant to deal with.

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