Comfort Inn, Niagara Falls closing in October (UPDATE)

From the Vanmeer Free Press:

The Vanmeer Free Press has confirmed the Comfort Inn on Clifton Hill Niagara Falls is closing it’s doors on October 12th, putting up to 50 people out of work, some people will be given jobs in other areas within the parent company officials say. The Inn is one by Hoco Entertainment who also owns a Tim Hortons and The Great Canadian Midway. Hoco’s Joel Newdon told the VFP “changes in market conditions” prompted the move. “We are looking at different strategies it was a business strategy more than anything”

2 thoughts on “Comfort Inn, Niagara Falls closing in October (UPDATE)

  1. Doubt it. I’m sure a new mid-high rise hotel with more rooms will be replacing it, opening up more land for other revenue generating businesses.

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