A joke too far: Our Fallon videos cross the line

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    I know this is kind of old news, but I wanted to include it anyway…

    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    There’s usually a moment at every comedy roast where a joke goes too far and the audience feels a bit uncomfortable.

    We’re approaching that point with this whole ‘Bring Jimmy Fallon to Niagara Falls’ thing. We get it, Fallon thinks Niagara Falls, Canada is nifty, so we’re trying to get him here. But do we have to be so mean about it?

    There are now three invitational videos floating around YouTube in which Mayor Jim Diodati rolls out the red carpet for Fallon. They’re fun, harmless little things…until they turn ugly. Until we demean and insult our neighbours across the Niagara River for no reason.

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