Hilarious photos capture terrified faces at the exact moment visitors are scared witless at Nightmares Fear Factory

From the UK Daily Mail (including pictures): There’s something perversely hilarious about watching others have the pants scared off them, which is precisely what happens in the Nightmares Fear Factory. The haunted house in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, uses actors, noises and spooky lighting – though it’s almost always pitch black – in the experience…

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Local attraction makes list of ‘best places to go when the leaves change’

From Fox 32 in Chicago: Leaf peeping is so old school. These days there’s a lot more to do than just look at the trees. Get out and play, and afterwards, celebrate how much fun you’ve had with a local brew or spirit and delicious meal—farm to table, of course. Here are 10 places guaranteed to…

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