Bad motel review online prompts city and county to condemn rooms

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From the Buffalo News:

The pictures on a YouTube video called “Review of the Niagara Rainbow Motel” show a dirty and disgusting flop house with holes in the walls, rampant mold, rusty sinks, filthy rugs and dirty beds – all very different from what is advertised on the motel’s website.

The video prompted an investigation by city building and electrical inspectors and Niagara County Health Department inspectors Wednesday. Inspectors declared 11 of the 24 rooms uninhabitable after they found dirty sheets and bedbugs, mold, unsafe electrical and no smoke detectors.

Niagara Falls Code Enforcement Officer Dennis Virtuoso said the rooms cannot be rented again until they are repaired.

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  1. I don’t understand I’ve heard from people who spoke to Niagara health department into doing something about Admiral Inn and of course nothing gets done.

    I believe Niagara Health Department should look into all motels cause they’re all garbage.

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