Hooters coming back to Niagara Falls


    The former Wild Wing location on Ferry St has been closed for a while. The windows have been covered in paper and there was a small sign on the door that said they were undergoing renovations. It has been closed for quite a while, and I was a little suspicious that they had just closed down with no plans to reopen.


    Well, it turns out I was kind of right and kind of wrong. Wild Wing won’t be reopening, but another restaurant will. Hooters is coming back to Niagara Falls. It used to be in the Niagara Freefall building, but closed down a couple of years ago. A Liquor License Application sign on the window of the former Wild Wing location shows that Hooters Niagara Falls will be at that location. It doesn’t say when they will be opening.


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    1. Yes it is Karen.
      Like it’s previous location, it will again be a tourist restaurant that locals will avoid due to lack of parking and inflated prices. I don’t see this one lasting very long either.

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