Marineland: Environment ministry launches probe into mass animal graves

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    The Marineland story keeps going on and on. Over the holidays, the Ministry of the Environment investigated the mass animal graves that Marineland has on their property. I’ve heard about these before, but this is the first time I’ve seen mention of them in mainstream media.

    From the Toronto Star:

    The provincial Environment Ministry is poised this week for a sweeping inspection of Marineland’s mass graves of animals — graves it had no idea existed because the park has no permits.

    The Niagara Falls tourist attraction has dug pits for decades to dispose of its animals, using heavy machinery to cover them up, according to former staffers.

    There are four mass graves, two of them containing “more than 1,000 animals,” said Marineland’s former land animal supervisor Jim Hammond.

    You can also read about it here:

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