The Sleep Cheap Charities Reap 2012 dates are out!


    Did any of you see John R’s comment about the new Sleep Cheap dates? Apparently the Americana’s Sleep Cheap web site has the dates.

    Sleep Cheap 2012 will be from Sunday, November 11 to Thursday, November 15, 2012.

    Good find John R!

    4 Responses to “The Sleep Cheap Charities Reap 2012 dates are out!”

    1. I can’t find any info on when the reservation begin. As of they don’t want you to know until all the good ones are gone!!

    2. There hasn’t been an official announcement yet. This was just a slip (I think) on the Americana site with the dates. When they do the announcement, they also have the start date and time for the reservations to begin. There have been no bookings yet, so not to worry.

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