Marineland observations from a regular visitor

I have a regular blog visitor who is quite a fan of Marineland and he often sends me some notes of what he sees. Here are some of his comments/observations from a recent trip:

  • Kiska is not pregnant, confirmed by staff, trainers and tank supervisor. Kiska is only lapping around her tank, gained some weight but NOT pregnant
  • MLC employees know nothing of Shouka rumor (check the May 22 news item on orcahome)
  • Tofino and Charmin (belugas) sent to stadium, performing in show once training is finished later this year
  • No beluga pregnancies confirmed yet
  • Eve, Neva, Charlotte and Mira , who are turning 3 (not Eve, she is 3 going on 4) this year are now at Friendship Cove, as part of weaning process from mothers.
  • Dock (sea lion) is presumed dead (Check MLC Fans)
  • Skyla’s calf still unnamed; Jubilee’s calf also un-named
  • Caspian recovered from stillbirth in September

3 thoughts on “Marineland observations from a regular visitor

  1. – Xena and Lillooet confirmed pregnant
    -Gemini rumoured pregnant
    -Sierra has given birth June 11th 2012

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