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    Marlineland sea lion dies

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    From Niagara This Week:

    Baker, a Marineland sea lion, has died, the park said in a news released posted on the park’s website.

    “We are all saddened to report the death of our old friend, Baker the sea lion on Monday, June 10, 2013. He died of natural causes,” the release said. “Today we are also celebrating his amazing life. You see, Baker may have been the world’s oldest sea lion. He turned 29 in early May. In the wild sea lions live to about 10 while in aquariums usually no more than 15. Baker almost doubled that number and that can be attributed to the wonderful care he has received through his many years at Marineland.”

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    Marineland to remain on CAZA radar

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    From Niagara This Week:

    The Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums accreditation committee has stopped short of giving Marineland a clean bill of health.

    A report on findings from an inspection at the Niagara Falls theme park was released Wednesday afternoon. While inspectors who were at the Portage Road park found water quality and staffing to be adequate the day of the August 23 inspection, an inspection of water quality logs did find problems that CAZA wants addressed.

    “Detailed examination of water quality logs and animal health records as well as interviews with some ex-employees, however, raise questions about how effectively the water quality systems in the three pools (stadium, arena and sea lion) are working,” the report said.

    Marineland observations from a regular visitor


    I have a regular blog visitor who is quite a fan of Marineland and he often sends me some notes of what he sees. Here are some of his comments/observations from a recent trip:

    • Kiska is not pregnant, confirmed by staff, trainers and tank supervisor. Kiska is only lapping around her tank, gained some weight but NOT pregnant
    • MLC employees know nothing of Shouka rumor (check the May 22 news item on orcahome)
    • Tofino and Charmin (belugas) sent to stadium, performing in show once training is finished later this year
    • No beluga pregnancies confirmed yet
    • Eve, Neva, Charlotte and Mira , who are turning 3 (not Eve, she is 3 going on 4) this year are now at Friendship Cove, as part of weaning process from mothers.
    • Dock (sea lion) is presumed dead (Check MLC Fans)
    • Skyla’s calf still unnamed; Jubilee’s calf also un-named
    • Caspian recovered from stillbirth in September

    The man behind Marineland: 50 years of controversy

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    From the Toronto Star:

    One spring day in 1963, John Holer, the owner of Marineland, found himself on a Lake Ontario beach in a struggle with a 100-pound sea lion.

    Jeff, a sea lion that had escaped from Holer’s animal park in Niagara Falls three days earlier, sunk its teeth into Holer’s bicep as it fought for its freedom.

    But Holer and a friend eventually overpowered it, threw it in the back seat of a car and returned to what was then a humble, one-acre marine park.

    This adventure — Jeff’s escape under the fence, his disappearance over Niagara Falls (presumably to his death), then his resurrection in the following days, frolicking, fishing and generally revelling in his freedom before a 12-year-old boy spotted him basking on a beach in Niagara-on-the-Lake — transformed the two-year-old sea lion into Holer’s first star attraction.

    Vacationing in Ontario: Family trip to Niagara Falls proves all wet — in a good way (with video)

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    From the News-Herald (in northern Ohio):

    My oldest son, Nate, was dancing around his seat even before the dolphin, walrus and sea lion show officially began at the outdoor Marineland stadium.

    His enthusiasm paid off.

    The emcee chose 9-year-old Nate from the packed crowd and invited him on stage in the middle of the show to feed and pet the bottlenose dolphins.

    Marineland was our first stop and one of the highlights of our family’s four-day, early June trip to Niagara Falls, Canada.

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