N.F., Ont., inn gets new life as Wyndham


    From Buffalo Business First:

    The former Stanley Inn, once a landmark hotel on Stanley Avenue in Niagara Falls, Ont., will be reborn as the city’s first Wyndham Hotel .

    Local developers are investing $7.5 million to renovate it into a nine-story, 152-suite hotel that will open next year. Located in the city’s Fallsview business district, it is near the recently opened Scotiabank Convention Centre and also close to Fallsview Casino Resort. The Stanley Inn has been vacant for more than five years.

    As you know, I have reported on the construction on this site for months. However, I had no idea it was going to be a Wyndham property. Why don’t these companies put signs up to get the name out there. I would have included it in every posting if I had known. Seems like a missed opportunity…

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    1. It doesn’t make any sense Graham, but it must be the norm, because I’m sure that you’ve made the exact same observation more than once in the past. Perhaps when developers do projects like this, they don’t actually finalize their affiliations until late in the game.

      The BBF blurb is, I think, incorect in their names. The hotel that was expanded was the former Fallsview Inn. The Stanley Motor Inn was the little motel beside it which has been demolished, probably for parking.
      And the ‘vacant for 5 years’? The Stanley was definately operating up to this summer, and I’m not even sure that the Fallsview was down for 5 years.
      Anyway, Wyndham is a nice addition to the landscape.

      • You are definitely right about the Stanley Motor Inn was open this summer, at least for part of the summer. I think the Fallsview Inn has indeed been closed for a few years, but I don’t think it has been 5 years.
        With regards to finalizing the affiliations, I suspect it is something like you said. But now that it is public, get the name out there. Every time I post an update, the name would be in the picture. I’m not going to be the only one…

    2. Ok so here’s the real scoop on all of this….
      1. construction starts long before a banner is chosen for the hotel to fly (as soon as paper work and legalities are out of the way then it can be announced)
      2. The Stanley was open until late summer of 2011 and closed at the onset of construction at the Fallsview
      3. The Fallsview was closed at the point where construction/expansion began…it was open and operating up until that point

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