$129 Gourmet Dining Package

Earlier this month  I received a newsletter from Niagara Hospitality Hotels, the operator of the The Oakes Hotel Overlooking the Falls.

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One thought on “$129 Gourmet Dining Package

  1. Isn’t this just so typical of the ‘me first’ mentality of the local tourist industry. Here is a Canadian hotel encouraging guests to go to another country to spend their money rather than trying to keep them in our own city. What’s especialy outrageous about this one in particular, is that Niagara Hospitality is owned by Vince Kerrio Jr., a city councilman and city rep on the Niagara Parks Commission. So we, as citizens of Niagara Falls, pay someone to run our city and, at the same time, he is telling tourists that it’s OK to stay at MY hotel, but go somewhere else to spend any more money.
    I think this is totally wrong, and that Mr. Kerrio should have to explain his actions. I emailed Tony Ricciuto at the Review in July to see if he would look into this, and also wrote letters to the editor at both the Review and Niagara This Week. I have never heard anything back from any of those, so can only assume that Mr. Kerrio’s influence runs deep.
    Things like this, and the rampant price gouging, just confirms my belief that the tourist operators in this city have no one to blame but themselves for the terrible reputation Niagara Falls has, or visitor numbers that are ever decreasing.

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