Marineland – Orca/Killer Whales and Topple Tower

A couple of unrelated thoughts from Marineland

I’ve been to Marineland a few times this year, and we’ve spent a lot of time at Friendship Cove where the Orca whales are kept. We watched the splash show a couple of weeks ago, and the last time we were there we went to the underwater viewing area.

Seeing the crowd watch the splash show reminded me of how important the killer whales are to Marineland. The people loved it. Kids were enthralled; parents were smiling with their kids, and people were getting really wet. If Marineland ends up losing Ikaika, Kiska dies, and they are left with no killer whales, I think it would really hurt their business.

When we were in the underwater viewing area, Ikaika was alone in the tank and spent a lot of time in front of the glass. It made for some nice pictures.

If you follow any of the comments on my YouTube videos, you know that one of the most popular videos is one of Topple Tower. So far it has almost 200,000 views! Recently someone left a comment as follows:

update: this ride will never operate again in niagara falls, RIP, structural CRACK
tsiemens 1 week ago

Well, I find it hard to believe that they won’t get it fixed. However, the sign at Marineland also doesn’t tell you the whole story. Temporarily means 3 months and counting…

3 thoughts on “Marineland – Orca/Killer Whales and Topple Tower

  1. Graham,
    Is it unfortunately true but Ike will be returning to a SW park. If SW cares for his welfare, shouldn’t they care for Kiska’s?

  2. No whale should be in captivity….and the other animals at ML should be rehomed too. Why doesn’t Holer use the money he’d save to get some better rides and fix the ones that don’t work. Leave the poor animals out of the equation.

  3. That comment on the Marineland topple tower was mine – and I put it there after talking to several of the ride operators to make sure my story was correct. My family gets season passes, so it was depressing to see this happen.

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