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    Is the “Pile Driver” ride going to open again?

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    The former Pile Driver ride at the bottom of Clifton Hill used to be part of the WWE store (run by Canadian Niagara Hotels). That closed a while ago, and the ride hasn’t been operational for even longer. Recently the signs have changed. It now says “Niagara’s 200ft Drop”. I wonder if it is going to open again…

    Marineland – Orca/Killer Whales and Topple Tower


    A couple of unrelated thoughts from Marineland

    I’ve been to Marineland a few times this year, and we’ve spent a lot of time at Friendship Cove where the Orca whales are kept. We watched the splash show a couple of weeks ago, and the last time we were there we went to the underwater viewing area.

    Seeing the crowd watch the splash show reminded me of how important the killer whales are to Marineland. The people loved it. Kids were enthralled; parents were smiling with their kids, and people were getting really wet. If Marineland ends up losing Ikaika, Kiska dies, and they are left with no killer whales, I think it would really hurt their business.

    When we were in the underwater viewing area, Ikaika was alone in the tank and spent a lot of time in front of the glass. It made for some nice pictures.

    If you follow any of the comments on my YouTube videos, you know that one of the most popular videos is one of Topple Tower. So far it has almost 200,000 views! Recently someone left a comment as follows:

    update: this ride will never operate again in niagara falls, RIP, structural CRACK
    tsiemens 1 week ago

    Well, I find it hard to believe that they won’t get it fixed. However, the sign at Marineland also doesn’t tell you the whole story. Temporarily means 3 months and counting…

    WWE ride and store closing March 31, 2011


    As you may have seen, Drafty left a comment letting us know that the WWE store (including the ride) will be closing on March 31, 2011. I was by the store today so I stopped in. The store is almost empty, with only a few racks left with things on them. What is left is on sale. There are small signs that say that the store will be closing on March 31, 2011. There was only 1 person working, and he didn’t seem terribly interested that I was there, so I didn’t bother asking him any questions.

    It actually surprised me when the store opened in the first place. The WWE (formerly WWF) had already passed its peak in popularity before the store opened. The only time I ever saw it busy was when they had a wrestler there for an appearance. And of course we all know how the ride was often not open. I must admit, I never went on it, so I don’t know what it was like.

    Does anyone out there know what happened? A few questions…

    • Why is the store closing?
    • Did CNH lose the rights, or give them up?
    • Will the ride re-open as something else, or are they giving up on it entirely?
    • Any idea what is going in that space?

    If you don’t want to leave a comment, feel free to email me directly.

    New Marineland “family” thrill ride?


    As Lithanial commented, the Air Miles reward page where you can get Marineland tickets has a description of the park. When describing the rides, it has the following:

    A new family thrill ride is scheduled to open in July of 2010.

    Anyone know anything about this?

    WWE Niagara leaflet

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    One of the top search terms on AccessNiagara.com is WWE Niagara. WWE Niagara opened a few years ago and is operated by Canadian Niagara Hotels. It has a large retail store where you can get all sorts of WWE (formerly WWF) memorabilia. It also has a large drop-zone type ride called Pile Driver that raises you 200 feet in the air and then “drops” you down quickly.

    I’ve scanned their promotional leaflet and included the text below:

    Front of leaflet:

    WWE Niagara Falls
    Experience Pile Driver, an endge-of-your seat thrilling adventure!
    On Clifton Hill

    Back of leaflet:

    WWE Niagara Falls
    Take home a souvenire from our WWE ‘Attitude’ line of clothing & uniqe licensed products.

    From the Rainbow Bridge:
    Take the first right imediately after customs. Turn left on Hiram, and again on Ontario.
    From QEW/Hwy 420:
    Take QEW to 420 towards the Rainbow Bridge and “the Falls” to Falls Avenue.

    Front of Coupon:

    $2 off Pile Driver
    Dare to Challenge the Pile Driver

    Back of Coupon:

    WWE Niagara Falls
    On Clifton Hill
    next to Rainforest Cafe

    “World Wrestling Entertainment”, “WWE” Logo and WWE Superstar likenesses are trademarks of Word Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
    All Rights Reserved.

    PDF IconI have also created a PDF file of the leaflet if you’d like to download it and see it in full size/colour. You can download it here:
    WWE Niagara leaflet

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