Queen Street Retail video


    Regular visitor Dan let me know about this.

    It isn’t in the main tourist districts of Clifton Hill or Fallsview, but downtown Niagara Falls (Queen Street) is becoming more of a destination for people. I’m not sure exactly who is in charge of what, but a group out of Maryland has created a marketing video for the district to attract developers and tenants. You can see it on YouTube or below:


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    1. Wow!!! I want to go there, it looks fabulous. 😉

      It IS neat how they showed the new Visitor Transportation buses (or at least their vision of them) in the video.

    2. Interesting. actually – i would have come up for a production of “Rent” on Queen Street had they advertised it better. the first i heard of it was the announcement that it was shutting down!!

    3. While i’m here – Niagara Blogger Friends – I need your advice.

      I’m thinking of coming up in october. i was reading up and it seems that foliage “peak” is early october. I was thinking of coming up the weekend of the October 7th.

      Question one – is that generally peak up there?

      That is also Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend.

      Question two – should that put me off coming that weekend? Mom and i accidentally came up on Canadian “memorial day” and there were too many people in our way. 🙂 if coming a week later clears out some people, i would probably come then.


    4. Karen, Canadian Thanksgiving is not nearly the huge holiday that it is in the U.S., it is actually a pretty mellow weekend so there won’t be huge crowds to worry about.
      Colours should be pretty good by then but, since it is really weather dependant, even a week later would be OK too.

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