Queen Street Retail video

Regular visitor Dan let me know about this. It isn’t in the main tourist districts of Clifton Hill or Fallsview, but downtown Niagara Falls (Queen Street) is becoming more of a destination for people. I’m not sure exactly who is in charge of what, but a group out of Maryland has created a marketing video…

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People mover talks progressing

From the Niagara Falls Review: Talks aimed at creating an integrated people mover system are underway. After parting ways more than a year ago, city and Niagara Parks officials are back at the table discussing opportunities to create a single, seamless transit system to link tourist districts with areas currently serviced by the NPC’s familiar…

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$50 million for new people-mover system

From the Niagara Falls Review: A major transportation project that has been stalled for years got a fresh injection of fuel Monday. At a press conference at the Via rail station on Bridge Street, Ontario Deputy Premier George Smitherman announced the province will contribute $25 million toward the development of a new people mover bus…

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