My trip to Marineland yesterday


    Yesterday afternoon I went to Marineland with my family. We were there a month or so ago, but before that it had been a couple of years.

    I was surprised at how busy it was on a Tuesday afternoon. The parking lot certainly wasn’t full (if you haven’t been, their parking lot is HUGE), but the overflow area was open, and cars were continually coming in and going out.

    Since the park was so busy, we didn’t bother to try to go on any rides. We had brought our dinner, and then we watched the show in King Waldorf Stadium. To be honest, we weren’t really looking forward to it as the last several times we’d seen it we were quite bored. Well, sometime in the last couple of years they have updated the show. The animals still do most of the same tricks, but the show is funnier and definitely geared more towards the kids. About 15 minutes before the show starts, a guy comes out and is cleaning up the stage. He ends up goofing around, and does a lot to get the crowd involved. Once the show actually starts, he is there for a bit as well. My kids loved it. My daughter was particularly thrilled to see the dolphins.

    After the show, we got some ice cream and frozen lemonade, and then walked to Friendship Cove to see the Orca whales and the Beluga whales. We just missed the tail end (no pun intended) of the splash show with the Orca whales. This was the first time I had seen Ikaika and Kiska together in many trips. A couple of years ago they always seemed to be apart, and earlier this year they were apart. Not this time. After the show, Ikaika followed Kiska around closely.

    I didn’t bring my regular camera with me, but I did have my Blackberry, so here are some pictures from the show, and from Friendship Cove.

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    1. Hey Graham,
      Big MLC news! Skyla, one of MLC’s pregnant belugas(out of 4) gave birth to a girl on August 25th 2011. There’s still Jubilee, Acadia and Caspian.

      • Thanks for the update D.
        You know, I’ve never understood why Marineland doesn’t promote this sort of thing. I know there are people against what they do, but Marineland doesn’t care about them. Marineland can market to those who would be interested in seeing a baby beluga. Marineland could try to “brag” that the conditions must be adequate in order for them to have success with their belugas. People could debate the last point, but I’m still surprised that Marineland doesn’t at least try.

    2. MLC has officially 41 belugas worldwide! And 37 +3 more at Marineland! I kindof wish they’d brag about their breeding and success with belugas. Oh, feel free to email me Graham.

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