World’s largest tunnel boring machine finishes drilling under Niagara Falls

From the Canadian Press:

Amid much fanfare, rubble and dust, the world’s largest rock tunnel boring machine made a breakthrough deep below Niagara Falls, Ont., Friday and finally saw the light of day.

The massive, 4,000-tonne machine, called Big Becky, had been boring a 10.2-kilometre long, 14.4-metre high tunnel under the city since 2006.

Crowds of workers, politicians, executives and students cheered when, after 45 minutes of drilling, falling rocks gave way to the giant boring machine.

“At the outset the challenge was, in a word, intimidating,” said Premier Dalton McGuinty, who was on hand for the event.

“Lots of people from lots of places have gone over the Falls in barrels, only Ontarians have gone under them.”

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