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    Closing casino Niagara comes with a hefty price

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    If the Liberal government decides to close Casino Niagara, it will likely cost them tens of millions of dollars.

    Canadian Niagara Hotels, which owns the building Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation leases for the original Niagara Falls casino, said Thursday the 15-year lease extension signed in 2010 has no early-exit clause.

    That means if Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty decides to shutter Casino Niagara, which opened in 1996, the government will still have to pay out the full cost of the lease, which expires in 2025.

    Diodati wants to pitch Wallenda walk to premier

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    When Premier Dalton McGuinty comes to Niagara Falls later this week, Mayor Jim Diodati will have a message for him: “Let Nik walk.”

    McGuinty will be in town from Friday to Sunday for the Ontario Liberal Party’s Provincial Council, a post-election get-together at the Scotiabank Convention Centre expected to draw about 450 delegates.

    He’ll be here to talk about the Ontario Liberals’ plans for growing the economy and following up on its election promises, but Diodati is hoping McGuinty can make time to listen to his pitch on what the mayor calls a “blockbuster event” for Niagara Falls. American highwire performer Nik Wallenda wants to walk across the Horseshoe Falls on a wire in the spring of 2012.

    World’s largest tunnel boring machine finishes drilling under Niagara Falls

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    From the Canadian Press:

    Amid much fanfare, rubble and dust, the world’s largest rock tunnel boring machine made a breakthrough deep below Niagara Falls, Ont., Friday and finally saw the light of day.

    The massive, 4,000-tonne machine, called Big Becky, had been boring a 10.2-kilometre long, 14.4-metre high tunnel under the city since 2006.

    Crowds of workers, politicians, executives and students cheered when, after 45 minutes of drilling, falling rocks gave way to the giant boring machine.

    “At the outset the challenge was, in a word, intimidating,” said Premier Dalton McGuinty, who was on hand for the event.

    “Lots of people from lots of places have gone over the Falls in barrels, only Ontarians have gone under them.”

    Tourism group gets ‘exception’

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Some “exceptions” to Premier Dalton McGuinty’s 2009 rule requiring all government contracts to be subject to competitive bids allowed Niagara’s tourism agency to spend $500,000 on an untendered contract to publish a promotional magazine, says Tourism Minister Michael Chan.

    “There are exceptions in terms of single-source procurement,” Chan said Wednesday in Niagara Falls where reporters asked him why the new tourism organization — created by the Liberals in 2009 — was allowed to commission a promotional magazine without seeking competitive bids from other publishers.

    Regional To u r i s m Organization No. 2 — a new agency responsible for promoting Niagara’s tourism offerings — in May hired Rev Publishing, a Niagara Falls publishing company to print 500,000 copies of “Niagara Today,” a 96-page “destination magazine” to promote the region’s tourism options.

    Chan’s ministry approved the expenditure by the organization’s “transitional” board, led by Joel Noden, a former Niagara Parks Commission executive, who said they didn’t have time for a “proper” tender if they wanted the magazine out in time to influence vacationers’ 2010 travel plans.

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