Don’t read too much into this ‘royal snub’

From the Niagara Falls Review:

Was last week’s Royal Snub really a wake-up call for Niagara Falls? Or is there an easier explanation for why Prince William and Kate Middleton passed over the Honeymoon Capital on what will be their first international tour after their April 29 royal wedding?

You could sense the disappointment in Niagara Falls when their itinerary was announced and it didn’t include “the world’s most famous address.” Mayor Jim Diodati, city council and even former mayor Ted Salci eagerly put the city’s line in the water, hoping to lure Wills and Kate to Niagara Falls.

But the future king and queen will go to Alberta, Prince Edward Island, Quebec and Ottawa instead.

Right away, some Review readers posted on Facebook that Niagara Falls got snubbed because it has developed a reputation as a tacky “overpriced tourist trap.”

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