Artist to get show off ground

From the Buffalo News:

The idea of walking across a steel wire 23 stories above the ground, as French high-wire artist Didier Pasquette plans to do Thursday, would be sheer terror for most people.

For the renowned Pasquette, it’s his version of “freedom.”

Pasquette plans to cross the 150 feet between the downtown Liberty Building’s twin replicas of the Statue of Liberty at 6:30 p.m., two stories above the building’s roof.

“It’s the only place in the world where I am alone. Nobody can come with me on my wire if it’s not a high-wire worker,” he said Tuesday from the roof of M&T Bank headquarters at One M&T Plaza, overlooking the Liberty Building at Main and Court streets. The wire could be seen in the distance after having been attached during four hours.

Pasquette’s jaw-dropping walk — without a safety net — also opens “Beyond/In Western New York,” a months-long art extravaganza that features more than 100 local, regional and international artists across 25 locations.

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