Summer 2010 is “over”… was it good?

I know that summer doesn’t officially end in this part of the world until September 21, but in this tourist area it might as well be over. The beginning of September and the passing of Labour Day makrs the beginning of school. That means that family vacations are no more. The weekends might still be busy here, but things are significantly slower during the week.

So, how as Summer 2010? It’s hard to get a good read on this. Admittedly, I haven’t contacted anyone who their input (I don’t think they’d give me an honest answer anyway), but my impression was that it was a better year that they’ve had the last couple. Here are a few of my own observations (including some comments I’ve made before):

  • There often seemed to be a lot of people around
  • There were more US license plates seen
  • The weather was fantastic
  • Apparently the motorcycle get-together, and the Elvis festival were not big hits
  • The new Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville opened and always seems to have a decent number of people in it
  • I didn’t go, but it sounds like the party for the opening of the Hart & Huntington tattoo shop was the place to be

Hopefully the last couple of years were the bottom, and with improved business will come even more growth. I assume that the new convention centre will only help…

5 thoughts on “Summer 2010 is “over”… was it good?

  1. Graham,

    I also noticed a lot more U.S. plates around this year, hopefully that trend will continue as Americans realize how isolated they are without passports.

    I’m sure you will be posting this soon, but todays paper reports that the Dicienzo family (not Canadian Niagara Hotels, but other companies that they own) have purchased both the Sheraton Fallsview and the Marriott Fallsview. That gives them a massive presence in the city, but got me wondering what happened to their other planned hotels. There was the Westin at the Jolly Cut, the Rainbow Tower over Casino Niagara, and I’m pretty sure that the last one announced, the all suites one beside Planet Hollywood, was supposed to have been started by now.

  2. Traffic is definately up this summer in the city. The good weather may have helped out as well.

    Drafty, maybe they realized the market is oversaturated right now with hotels, and buying competition may be better than adding more.

  3. I also heard a rumuor (again just a rumuor) that the Sheraton Fallsview would be converted into a Westin. I know the article says the brand will stay the same, but still just throwing it out there.

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