What I’ve heard about the Niagara Falls Motorcycle Rally

I was talking to my neighhbour the other day. He had originally told me he was going to Safari Niagara on Father’s Day. I asked him how the trip was, and he said that he hadn’t gone as he went to the Niagara Falls Motorcycle Rally (he’s got a Harley and loves to ride). I asked him how it was, and these were his thoughts:

  • He had originally hear that it would have more than the big rally in Port Dover (I read one estimate of 50,000 bikers). He estimates there were 300-500 bikers (I can’t say how accurate that is). This is surprising given the publicity, and promotion on Facebook and Twitter
  • He felt the ride was too short. He’s used to rides that could be 30km-50km. This one was only around 10-20 km. They started at Rapidsview Park (across from Marineland), went up to the roundabout by Queenston Heights, and then ended at Table Rock Place.
  • He said there were very few vendors at Rapidsview Park (he commented specifically that there were no t-shirts available), and very little food or drink available.
  • He said he wouldn’t go again. I’ve looked at some of the comments on Facebook, and he may be in the minority. It seems that although many people feel there is lots of room for improvement, they still enjoyed themselves. I’m sure my neighbour will go again.

I realize that these are the comments of only one person, but I still thought they were worth sharing.

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