Screenshots from Breakfast Television live from Niagara Falls

I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to get up early to see Breakfast Television in person, and in the end I decided not to. However, I did watch about half an hour of it on TV (from around 6:40 am to 7:10 am).

It certainly did promote Niagara Falls well. At various times you could see the Falls, Oakes Garden Theatre, parts of Falls Ave, parts of Clifton Hill, Niagara SkyWheel, Niagara Helicopters, and more. There were several prizes given out, including passes for Niagara Helicopters and Maid of the Mist. There were people from Old Fort Erie, and of course the mayor, Ted Salci was there.

It might seem kind of lame, but I took some pictures of my TV showing some of the scenes. As always, you can see the thumbnails below, and the full pictures in the 20100618 Breakfast Television in Niagara Falls gallery

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