This summer could be a thriller in the city

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    It’s not always about what you’re selling.

    Sometimes, especially in an industry like tourism, it’s how you sell it.

    Take Clifton Hill as an example.

    As the 2010 tourism season kicks off this long weekend, the area is preparing for new attractions, restaurants and accommodations.

    “A lot of people who have come to Niagara Falls in the past have that ‘been there, done that’ attitude. But the reality is Clifton Hill and all of Niagara Falls is evolving and ever changing,” said Sue McDowell, executive director of the Victoria Centre Business Improvement Area.

    “There’s so many hidden treasures and places of interest in the whole Niagara region, so it’s really important to get the word out.

    “We want people to know and say ‘Oh my goodness, we haven’t been to Niagara Falls in a while and so much has changed, there’s so much more to do.'”

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