Our first trip to Safari Niagara (formerly Zooz) this year

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    As I’ve mentioned before, our family bought Safari Niagara season passes for Christmas. Last Saturday (May 15) was opening day, so off we went. At some point this summer, I’ll write a thorough review, but for now, here are some random thoughts regarding Saturday’s trip:

    • The weather was not that great. There is obviously nothing Safari Niagara could do about that, but it still made for a less enjoyable visit.
    • With all of the rain that we’ve had over the last week or two, the first quarter of the zoo looks terrible. There are puddles every where, and the moose pen looks like it is a swamp.
    • Unfortunately, since the first quarter looks so bad, we were really thinking that we may have wasted our money. However, once we got past that part, we were thrilled.
    • I’m sure once the weather improves and the area can be cleaned up, that part of the park will be fine
    • I haven’t been to Safari Niagara in around 7 years, and boy, has it grown! The monkeys are great, but the best part was the “Silent Forest”. This is where all of the cats are. The viewing is amazing for the lions, tigers, cougars, and more. You are at a safe distance, but still quite close.
    • We had lunch at a picnic table about 20 feet away from the giraffe pen. At one point, a giraffe was eating some grass, and I walked over to where its head was and could have touched it if I wanted. Very cool!
    • The water park looks very nice, but of course we’ll have to wait for warmer weather to try it out

    In total, we were there for around 3 hours. We ended up having a great time, and definitely think that the cost of the passes will be well worth it. We’re looking forward to going again!

    Note: When you arrive at the park, they give you a map that is part of a newsletter for that month. The picture above is the cover of the May map. If you would like to see the whole thing, I’ve uploaded a PDF/scan to share.

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