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    Brawn over brains

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    The latest issue of Niagara Life Magazine had an article about some of the people who have gone over the Falls:

    Niagara Falls, Honeymoon Capital of the World. They say marriages are made in heaven; this is where they test-drive them. For almost a hundred years, men— real men — have come to Niagara Falls to defy the will of Mother Nature, to challenge the raging torrents of the mighty Niagara River, to lay their lives on the line, the line that drops dramatically 170 feet straight down into a churning canyon of angry currents. I tell you, these are men with nerves of steel. These are men with hearts of lions.

    Safari Niagara in Summer 2010

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    Note: I was going through some of my draft posts, and found that I had this post essentially all done, but never did post it. It is from some of the trips we took last year to Safari Niagara. I still wanted to post it as there are some nice pictures and a good HD video of the giraffes and hippos.

    Prior to 2010, I had only been to Safari Niagara (formerly Zooz) twice. We had gone in the Summer of 2002. I didn’t realize it until now, but it had just opened in May of that year. We also went in December of 2004. The zoo itself wasn’t open, but they had a special Christmas hay ride where they had the Heat Miser, the Snow Miser, and Santa around the zoo.

    Boy, how things have changed in the intervening six years. All I remember from that first trip was the bird area and how they had lots of space. This year, they still have lots of space, but it actually has a lot of animals now. There are birds, flamingos, deer, moose, tigers, lions, giraffe, hippopotamus, monkeys, and more. Other than the animals, there are lots of other things to do as well. There is a huge playground, a large splash pad, a “lake” to fish in, an area to play volleyball or badminton, giant chess and checkers, as well as paddle boats.

    You can follow Safari Niagara on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/SafariNiagara

    You can follow Safari Niagara on Tiwtter at http://twitter.com/safariniagara

    When we were there in 2010, I took a bunch of pictures. You can see some of the thumbnails below, and you can see all of the images in their full size in the Safari Niagara in Summer 2010 gallery.

    Here is a map of Safari Niagara.

    I took a video of the giraffes and hippos. You can see the Hippos and Giraffes at Safari Niagara in Summer 2010 video on YouTube or below.

    I also took a video of some of the bird show at Safari Niagara. You can see the Safari Niagara Bird Show in Summer 2010 video on YouTube or below.

    Lastly, I also took a video of some of the other animals and birds at Safari Niagara. You can see the Animals at Safari Niagara in Summer 2010 video on YouTube or below.

    Fallsview Casino celebrates Chinese New Year

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    From CANOE Travel:

    When he gets back to Australia, Daniel Whin will be able to tell all his friends about how the Chinese celebrate the new year.

    He was sitting in the restaurant at the Fallsview Casino on Thursday afternoon when he heard some loud drums and decided to see what all the excitement was about.

    In the lobby, five lions and 16 performers were taking part in the traditional Lion Dance parade in celebration of the Chinese New Year of the Rabbit.

    “This was really nice and I got some great photos,” said Whin, who spent two days in Canada and was heading to New York City later in the day.

    Our first trip to Safari Niagara (formerly Zooz) this year

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    As I’ve mentioned before, our family bought Safari Niagara season passes for Christmas. Last Saturday (May 15) was opening day, so off we went. At some point this summer, I’ll write a thorough review, but for now, here are some random thoughts regarding Saturday’s trip:

    • The weather was not that great. There is obviously nothing Safari Niagara could do about that, but it still made for a less enjoyable visit.
    • With all of the rain that we’ve had over the last week or two, the first quarter of the zoo looks terrible. There are puddles every where, and the moose pen looks like it is a swamp.
    • Unfortunately, since the first quarter looks so bad, we were really thinking that we may have wasted our money. However, once we got past that part, we were thrilled.
    • I’m sure once the weather improves and the area can be cleaned up, that part of the park will be fine
    • I haven’t been to Safari Niagara in around 7 years, and boy, has it grown! The monkeys are great, but the best part was the “Silent Forest”. This is where all of the cats are. The viewing is amazing for the lions, tigers, cougars, and more. You are at a safe distance, but still quite close.
    • We had lunch at a picnic table about 20 feet away from the giraffe pen. At one point, a giraffe was eating some grass, and I walked over to where its head was and could have touched it if I wanted. Very cool!
    • The water park looks very nice, but of course we’ll have to wait for warmer weather to try it out

    In total, we were there for around 3 hours. We ended up having a great time, and definitely think that the cost of the passes will be well worth it. We’re looking forward to going again!

    Note: When you arrive at the park, they give you a map that is part of a newsletter for that month. The picture above is the cover of the May map. If you would like to see the whole thing, I’ve uploaded a PDF/scan to share.

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