Parks bidding for revenue from filmmakers

From the Niagara Falls Review:

Two of Niagara’s historic hydro plants are ready for their close ups now the Niagara Parks Commission has calculated a formula for what it would cost to have one of its historic buildings play a role in a feature film.

The Niagara Parks Commission voted Friday to charge film companies up to $4,000 a day to use Toronto Power or Canadian Niagara Power generating stations or the Toronto Power gate-house as part of a movie set.

The parks commission felt the need to formalize a policy after being approached by filmmakers who believe the buildings ought to be in pictures, corporate services director Bob McIlveen said during a commission meeting in April.

“There is interest on behalf of film companies to use the power plants. We would like to make some changes to the (commission’s) film policy to accommodate that,” McIlveen said.

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