Twitter updates for 2010-02-27

  • Just spoke to a nice reporter from Toronto Star about a proposed increase in US passport fee. We’ll see if she includes any of my thoughts #
  • I took a video that I will post a little later… #
  • It “makes her eyes water a little bit” #
  • Here she goes!!! #
  • There must be 70+ people in here now #
  • It’s cold in here! She must be freezing! She said she can feel it inside her stomach when the blade is cold #
  • Someone is here with a professional HD camera recording everything #
  • She’s talking to the kid with the DS #
  • She’s on the stand raedy to go #
  • Looks like she has just one sword with her today #
  • The renovations in the Ripley’s lobby will look great when they are done. #
  • Some kid is using his DS to record her #
  • She “won’t do fire” #
  • Vanessa the sword swallower looks like a belly dancer #
  • I’m at Ripley’s in the lobby with about 40 other people listening to Vanessa the sword swallower. #
  • – I guess the man who climbs up the rope outside Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum has gone inside… #
  • Wow, it just keeps on snowing! If you are driving, slow down so you don’t splash slush up on the people walking (it happened to me at lunch) #

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