Work continues behind Niagara SkyWheel

If commenter Crockett is correct, the steel structure behind the Niagara SkyWheel is going to be a volcano that is part of a mini-putt (however, he is wrong in saying that it was a mini-putt before… there was never a mini-putt there), it is certainly starting to look like one.

9 thoughts on “Work continues behind Niagara SkyWheel

  1. there used to be a mini golf on top of the old circus world where movieland is now. I remember as a kid playing there

  2. I admire how this company is always moving forward, but if they are replacing an amusement park with a bowling alley and a over the top mini golf then I don’t get it? I also wonder if they are ever going to build the proposed 30 story hotel on their property to catch up with all of the other companies who have views of the Falls from their high rises.

  3. This better not be a replacement for the amusement park, we sure have enough mini putts, we need something big to attract new tourists WTF!???

  4. I just left the Falls on Tuesday and workers at the hotel also said it was a volcano and the Dinosaur Park would be moving across the road.But also mentioned the are alot of rumors all the time….but it does make sense.

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