China decides to unleash its tourists

From the Niagara Falls Review:

Niagara Falls is eager to roll out the red carpet to hundreds of thousands of Chinese tourists now that Canada is on the list of places their government will let them go.

People working at Niagara Parks Commission attractions are going to learn when someone pretends to wash their hands in front of them, it means they’re looking for a washroom. When they make a motion with their right hand like they’re scooping something from their cupped left, they’re hungry. And restaurant servers shouldn’t raise their eyebrows if a Chinese tourist asks for nothing but hot water.

“We know that when they come here, they expect to be treated like VIPs and we’re happy to do that. They love photo-ops. They love to have pictures taken,” said Katherine Fisher, the parks commission’s corporate training manager.

Now that China has announced Canada will be granted Approved Destination Status, tourism operators should be bracing for an influx of travellers from the world’s most populous country, she said.

“That’s huge for us.”

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