Sullivan laying low after latest falls stunt

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    Daredevil Dean Sullivan is back in town.

    Sullivan filmed two stunts this month in which he used his face-first rappelling technique to jump from the top of the Niagara gorge, near the Horseshoe Falls.

    “(Wednesday’s) was great. It was awesome. It was fantastic. It took me a couple seconds,” he said.

    “It was one step off the top and it was quick to the bottom.”

    An earlier Nov. 3 jump wasn’t as fast because he stopped a couple times on the way down, he said.

    Sullivan, a 43-year-old British Columbia man, made a name for himself by descending from high places like cliffs, ravines or tall buildings. He wears a harness around his waist and is connected to a rope that’s secured at the top. He uses his hands as brakes to stop himself before hitting the ground.

    Niagara Parks Police say they’re aware of the recent stunts, but aren’t rushing to round anyone up.

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