Niagara Falls won’t fight Marineland trailer park evictions

From the Welland Tribune:

Green Oaks trailer park residents have lost their bid to have city hall get between them and Marineland owner John Holer, who is evicting 47 families from the Stanley Ave. property.

But some say the attention they raised might help Niagara Falls renters in the future.

“They don’t want to protect Green Oaks trailer park. But they want to look into acting on it on all residential properties, which may end up helping us,” said Brian Topolinsky, one of the trailer park residents, after a city committee meeting Monday.

Councillors won’t invoke a seldom-used section of the Municipal Act to stop the trailer park from kicking out its tenants.

Instead, they opted to investigate how to use Section 99.1 of the Municipal Act in the future.

2 thoughts on “Niagara Falls won’t fight Marineland trailer park evictions

  1. I really beleive that what is going on is really a kick in the privates….these people who have sunk everything into their trailers to make them their homes for their families or a retirement spot have been screwed over.These were supposed to be their retirement homes and some of these people bought into the trailer park outright knowing that they would never have to make another mortgage payment again….now they are being put out, trailers can’t be moved because they are a permanent unit, have to look for a new place to live and on top of it pay a mortgage again when the last place they lived was free and clear. Where is the fairness in that?

  2. And on top of it what is the Niagara Falls mayor and his band of cronies doing about it….nothing. My question is why not? He is living comfortably off his constituants and really doesn’t seem to care to see what can be done. Prove my statement wrong….do something about it mayor. As far as the few remaining tenants….stay there and fight it!!!! At least if you do lose the battle, you have won the war by making a precident against the landlord and tenant act…and when you do win you will be a victor for all of those who wouldn’t fight for your rights as tenants.

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