Twitter updates for 2009-07-30

  • I'm craving a Chicago-cut Striploin from Canyon Creek Chophouse in the Galleria at Fallsview Casino. Yummy! #
  • I have no idea whether business levels are back up or not, but it sure seems like there are more people around now than a month ago #
  • I've been a little slow in getting some posts up lately. Sorry, but my home was robbed on Tuesday and I've been busy dealing with insurance #
  • I can't believe the number of people who walk around with the Niagara Parks passes around their neck (attached to a lanyard). #

6 thoughts on “Twitter updates for 2009-07-30

  1. So sorry, Graham! I know the feeling well. It happened to us many, many years ago. Didn’t take anything of value, but just the idea that someone was there that shouldn’t have been, leaves an awful feeling in the pit of your stomach!!! Hope they catch them!!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your home Graham, and you haven’t even been there long. That kind of stuff just p!sses me off. Our home was broken into about 10 years ago, it’s an awful feeling.

  3. me too graham….very sorry to hear…bin there…dun that as well….hope all is well with you tho… 🙂 …ummm..i can’t figure out this twitter thing..please help me…i’m missing all the posts……thanks 🙂 🙂


    1. Sue, you aren’t missing anything. When I post something on the blog, a Twitter “tweet” is put up announcing the new post. All of the “tweets” during the day are automatically put into a post at 6 pm each day. You can get your information from either one, and you will end up with the same information.

      And to all of you, thanks for the kind words. We’re fine, and dealing with the insurance company hasn’t been bad.

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