Twitter updates for 2009-07-16

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    • The Criminal Hall of Fame has a sign out that says $5 Admission (inc tax) Today Only… They have this sign out almost every day. #
    • The Empress Inn & Suites on Clarke Ave has a nice new sign up. #
    • Traffic lights at Fallsview/Murray and Murray/Stanley intersections were out at lunch time #
    • Seems like there are lots of restaurants around with cheap meals. Look for specials before you choose a restaurant. #
    • Why is the Falls turning yellow for SpongeBob? Use the colours for good causes, not for cartoon characters. #
    • @BIRDKINGDOM How do you know Brad Pitt will be going to @BirdKingdom in #niagarafalls? in reply to BIRDKINGDOM #
    • I love getting a Reese's Pieces CrunchiCreme from Sweets & Treats on Clifton Hill. Yummy! #

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