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    1. How about someone post here ASAP they go on the skywheel as to what they think. I am curious what it is like. I was going to take a trip this weekend but it did not work out.

    2. i dunno who does all of these blogs..but we sure wanna neet him..we have so many memories and pics of the old niagara falls..we’re totally engrossed by the falls…honeymooned there…our 2 kids spent most of their summers there…..even got remarried in the big millenium 2000 wedding….our daughter got marrried there last year too..we;re right into the movies there too….just ahve a real fascination with the falls….we were there this past thursday..sat on boston pizza’s patio (our fav place) ALWAYS stay at the masterhost across the street (for almost 20 years now)..have old pics too…just love the falls….PERIOD….

      sue 🙂
      ps..can’t believe there’s no view shots from the ferris wheel yet…still kinda weird to even SEE a feris wheel in that area again…

    3. I rode the ferris wheel this evening. I asked the attendant the hours of operation and she said they’re open daily 9am – 2am!!! The hill had a steady flow of people today and from what I’ve heard from several people in the area business is up over last year (knock on wood).

      We waited maybe five minutes and then got our cabin. You can control the A/C in the cabins (turn it on and off, as well as change where the current blows). The ride offered great views of the falls and Clifton Hill district. The ride lasted about 10 minutes and we probably went around 5 or 6 times with a stop at the top.

      I’d say the ride is definately worth it. We also used the dollar off coupon found in the coupon booklets located at the door of Sports Zone.

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