What is 4D anyway?

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    Motion simulator rides seem to be a popular thing in Niagara Falls. It is essentially a roller coaster experience in a confined space. In Niagara Falls there are at least the following simulator rides:

    • Ripley’s Moving Theater
    • FX Thrill Ride featuring “Robots of Mars” and “Cosmic Coaster”
    • Dino Rampage
    • Dino Island 3D
    • Skylon 4D Theatre featuring “Pirates”

    I used to think that 4D (the forth dimension) was time. Apparently in the simulator ride industry, it means something entirely different. The seats move in 3 dimensions (up/down, side to side, forward and back). The movie is in 3 dimensions (you wear glasses of some kind). And the 4 dimension is actually some other scensory experience. It may be wind or it may be very light precipitation (mist or snow). I’ve only been on a 2D simulator. I will be going to the Ripley’s Moving Theater soon and I’ll report back on how it was.

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