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    “Canada Land of Many Dreams” book

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    Here is another book I saw at Renewed Thrift & Vintage in Welland, Ontario (see here and here for the other postings). It’s called Canada Land of Many Dreams (ISBN 0862830842) by Robyn Johl. There were several nice photos and this paragraph:

    One of the most awe inspiring sights in Canada is that of hundreds of gallons of water cascading over the 150 foot drop at Niagara Falls. The first man to write of the Falls was Jean-Louis Hennepin in 1678, who called them a “prodigious cadence of water.” Since 1800 honeymooners and holidaymakers alike have flocked to see the falls in their thousands to view the great beauty and grandeur of this natural wonder.

    “Canada in Pictures” book

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    Here is another book I saw at Renewed Thrift & Vintage in Welland, Ontario (see here for the other posting). It’s called Canada in Pictures (ISBN 0822546795) by Eric Braun. There wasn’t much information about Niagara Falls, other than this two-page photo.

    “Canada: A Symphony in Color” book

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    Whenever I go into a second-hand store like Goodwill or Value Village, I check out the book section to see if there are any books that mention Niagara Falls. There is a place called Renewed Thrift & Vintage in Welland, Ontario that I was in recently. There were several older books that I thought I would post about.

    This book is called Canada A Symphony in Color (ISBN 0862834287). The book is over 30 years old, as you can tell by the photos. There were several photos of Niagara Falls, but not really any specific information about the falls.

    Convention centre, Review’s owners form partnership

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    A new partnership between the future Niagara Falls convention centre and the company that owns The Niagara Falls Review will boost the image of the city-owned facility scheduled to open next spring and add to its operating revenue, officials with both companies say.

    The Niagara Convention and Civic Centre selected Sun Media, the company that owns the daily newspapers in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and Welland, as its official media sponsor.

    “It means a great deal. The NCCC coming into the Niagara region is about as exciting as it gets for the development of the region,” said Judy Bullis, senior group publisher for the Niagara Newspapers Group, a division of Sun Media.

    The deal is an exclusive arrangement that will see Sun Media advertising staff sell the ads displayed inside the $100-million facility on Stanley Avenue.

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