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    TV show being filmed in front of Niagara Parks Police headquarters today

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    I was walking past the Niagara Parks Police headquarters today (across the gorge and street from the American Falls) and someone made me walk around. They said they were filming a TV show. There was no sign of what network or what production company it was.




    International morning TV show features segments in Niagara Falls

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    From the Buffalo News:

    Millions of viewers worldwide today tuned in for a show that was shot in Niagara Falls State Park.

    Univision Network’s international morning show, “Despierta America Live,” telecasted segments of its show from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. on the Prospect Point Observation Deck in the park.

    Convention Centre gets ready to groove

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    From the Niagara Falls Review:

    DJ Steve Aoki is fine with reality shows on MTV instead of music. He welcomes more American Idol knockoffs.

    As far as he’s concerned, they’re great for his industry because they’re forcing people to seek out good music more than ever. When they find something that wasn’t manufactured by a TV show or record company hype, they flock to it.

    “Now, kids are forced to discover music on their own terms,” says Aoki, who’ll be part of an all-night dance party at the Scotiabank Convention Centre New Year’s Eve. “It created an open lane for all this music to be discovered. I’m happy for all the reality shows on TV.

    “People aren’t lazy – they’re going on YouTube, SoundCloud and Facebook and finding music themselves. That’s the power of dance music – it’s mainly a viral music. You have to discover the music yourself.”

    Our Favorite Attractions in Niagara Falls

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    Yesterday’s link to a post by “Canada’s Adventure Couple”, was followed up with this one:

    Last week I wrote a post about a short business trip to Niagara Falls. We shot some segments for a TV show that I work on overlooking the falls and we went to the Journey Behind the Falls to film a few segments under the Niagara River with the mighty waterfalls thundering in front of us and we shot our host indoor skydiving at Niagara Freefall.
    It reminded me just how much I love visiting this town less than 2 hours from Toronto. There is so much to do and you can always find new attractions opening every year.

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